Wow! Check these out.

Don't you just LOVE these?! Me too!

So, I came across the MOST beautiful tiles the other day. Gorgeous, with a capital G.

The creative, intricate cutting and sheer labour that was required to make these tiles was a-ma-zing. Really. They were artwork more than tiles, in my humble opinion,

Anyhow, just before I went to check stock and bring my client over to see them as an option for her foyer, I checked the price.


Okay, so perhaps not a perfect option.

And upon second glance, a few things came to mind. While I still LOVE the design of these tiles, let me give you some words of caution, my 'lesson learned' on tiles that I love to 'look' at but perhaps won't use.

1) Notice the tightness of the gaps between the tiles? Regardless of their shape, when I see this, I know my tile setter will probably take a hit out on me. There's virtually NO room for grout. So, while this material is floor-tile-thick, I know they can't be used anywhere where there might be muck and mire... or at the very least, water.

2) These are natural stone tiles, which means they require sealing. Know that FOR SURE a sealer does not make these or any other material non-porous. A sealer simply acts as a first-line-of-defence against stains. What that means is, if you were to leave something on these tiles long enough, any high PH balance soaps, any iron-heavy water, etc... they will stain. And getting those stains out is a thing.

So, where to use this type of tile, you ask? Good question.

Foyer wall as a feature? Formal foyer floor where no one ever walks with wet boots or shoes. Oh, fireplace! Fireplace face would be fab-oosh! Great choice.

The take-away? Know your product. And if you don't know your product, ask the sales rep about appropriate applications for the materials you're using. The wrong product for the wrong application will likely cause you anxiety, heartbreak and money.



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