What? Sold Already?

It's a Seller's Market!

There's a process to selling a house.

Earn the referral.

Meet the clients.

Partner with the clients.

Provide the clients a staging report (when you list with us, it's free, by the way) on what decluttering and improvements to make.

Stage the client's home (when you list with us, it's free, by the way*).

Put the sign on the lawn.

Photograph the property.

Print spectacular feature sheets to remind potential buyers about the great house after they leave.

Market the property.

Market the property.

Market the property.

Use professional negotiating skills to negotiate for EVERY penny.

That's what happens.

The house in the picture above sold before we even had a chance to get the feature sheets printed. It had multiple offers and was sold firm for 113% over ask in 3 days.

Why? The house looked good. The house smelled good. The house was priced right.

It's that simple. And that much work. Yes, it's work. Making your home look its best is in your best interest. We can guide you on how to get there.

Happy clients. Happy realtor.



PS: By the way, the market is suffering from low-inventory. If you're thinking of selling your home, now's a perfect time! Give me a call to chat about your plans.

*Note: We try hard to work with the items already in the client's homes, but we also bring in a LOT of accessories - mirrors, plants, artwork, primarily. Furniture can be rented as well if need be at an additional cost.

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