Welcome! We're so happy to see you!

Welcome to our new site! We're so glad you've found us!

Our team has been working hard to provide you with a new spot to spend some time with us, one where you can check out all the cool things we're doing in the community and see what we're up to at Clements Homes.

For my design clients, this site marks the beginning of a new company name and brand. Wayne and I will be working together more often (Yay, MORE time together!) to ensure that each and every one of our clients sees the benefits of hiring our experienced, collaborative team.

For Wayne's clients, this means more access to great design and staging services and our assurance that we'll go above and beyond to help you improve your home or property so it's at its best and ready for sale.

The next year is going to be a busy one as we introduce new, exciting changes to our business. We'll be creating new content to provide you with valuable information and advice perfect for your home-investment plans.

We hope you reach out and share your thoughts on our new look!

Thanks so much for checking in and STAY TUNED!



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