Timeless Design Trends

What's trendy but still timeless? Check out Janice's take.

Peruse a current shelter magazine and you’ll soon find a plethora of trendy, new, up-and-coming items that you simply must have for your home in order to make your design project complete.

Trends are tricky. They coax us into thinking we’re not keeping up. They coax us into buying things we don’t need and in the long run, perhaps don’t really want.

Don’t get me wrong, trends are incredibly important in design. They help propel us forward to find new and cutting-edge ideas and solutions to old problems. They keep us creating, changing and innovating. They show us what can be and they open our eyes to diverse ideas and possibilities that we may not have considered if left to our own devices.

But as has always been the case, time wounds all trends. 

So, if you love looking at design magazines but are perplexed by what seems to be an ever-changing line up of “what’s new and hot” put the magazines down and start a list. 

Without looking at any images at all (no computer cheating), try to describe let’s say, 5-10 design looks that you really want in your renovation or decorating plans. This will help you determine what items and/or looks are consistently on your mind.

My guess is that if you do tear pictures out of magazines, 9 times out of 10, there’s a common thread: you’re selecting images of items that are timeless for you, regardless of the trends.

And since trends are “here today, gone tomorrow” try to avoid making a large investment in anything that might not stand the test of time… that is, unless you plan on re-doing your design in the next 5 years. Make no mistake; whether modern, traditional, transitional or contemporary, there are timeless selections to be made in each of these design aesthetics.

Without even looking at a magazine and based on 23 years of experience, I can tell you what is trendy but still timeless in good design.

Here’s my list:

  • White kitchens            

  • Stone counters - subtle colours/veining.         

  • Layered/flexible lighting solutions

  • Black and white – neutrals and high impact contrasts

  • Quiet bedrooms – calm colours throughout

  • Vintage items mixed with new items

  • Built-ins (though, not old wood ones)

  • Crown moulding

  • Fireplaces

  • A colourful front door

  • Broadloom 

  • Hardwood

Obviously, there’s an abundance of variation within each of these items, so it’s important you choose wisely – all the more reason to enlist a professional to help you with your selections.

But know that when a professional suggests any item from the list above, there’s little arguing the question of their longevity. 

Now it’s time to start prioritizing what items are important to you!



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