Throwback Thursday!

TBT to that time when getting ready for a showing was a pain in the patootie.

So, let it be said that selling your house is in fact, a pain in the butt. But organized properly, it can be a satisfying process.

Check out the running around I had to do to get ready for a midday showing that came at the most inopportune time.

So, as you get your house ready for sale and on the market, remember these words of wisdom from someone who not only regularly helps people prep their home to sell, but has also gone through it a few times:

1) Get your house looking its best with proper decluttering and staging and then once it's done, spend time each and every day making sure it's tidy and looking showing-ready.

2) Get in the habit of making beds first thing in the morning. It's a small effort to be made when you and your family get up in the morning that will help immensely should someone want to "pop by" to have a quick walk-through. "Pop by", like that somehow means it's as easy for you as it is for them.

3) Short of someone being sick at home, don't pass up a chance to show the house. Go the extra mile to accommodate the showing.

3) Before potential buyers come through, make sure all the lights are on in the house, particularly during the evening. There were times I would come home at night after a showing and so many lights were on you could probably see our house from space!

4) Put all the toilet seats down in the house prior to showings. Small details matter.

5) Leave paper towel or wipes under each vanity so that bathrooms can be quickly wiped down prior to visitors showing up.

6) When doing the laundry, get in the habit of putting it away right away so you're not in a panic should a surprise showing get booked.

7) Make arrangements for pets so they're not in the house alone during showings.

8) Price your house properly. A well-priced home generally results in a quicker sale and will help limit the amount of time you have to accommodate people coming through your home.

Cheers and good luck!


PS: You DON"T need to put out cookies for visitors! It was just a small touch that I made to make the space feel homey! Taking "staging" to the extreme!

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