The Covid-Impact for Renovators

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Not every day goes as it should.

Yesterday I spent way more time chasing plumbing fixtures than any one person should. What can I say? It's a Covid-world.

Back in October we started a renovation that has been moving along in fits-and-spurts. These days, it seems to be par for the course.

The difficulty for renovators currently is that it's near impossible for us to give our clients any kind of reasonable timeline on project completions. We are at the mercy of the suppliers we're accustomed to relying on.

So, while it may appear that the renovation world is back on track and working, it's just not that simple. Now, like many other things, it requires us to triple-pack the abundance of patience we had to have to renovate in the first place.

In the two months since this one project began, I've had one trade, one client and myself all in quarantine at various times. I've had an inspector turn away at the door to a condo reception area because of a sign that indicated "There is a COVID case in the building." I've had materials late because the supplier deemed it unnecessary to produce the items I've purchased. Companies that normally produce furniture in a matter of 8 weeks are now producing in 16-20 weeks - not because they don't have materials but because they don't have people to work.

And yet, we persist. We continue to plan and do the best we can. Why? Because people still want to improve how and/or where they live. It's a good problem, to be certain.

My word of advice: If you're planning on a renovation in the next 12-24 months, get started now. And then remember to have patience for everyone and everything involved in the process, including suppliers, contractors, inspectors, trades and yourself.



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