The Cost of Goods.

Perhaps now there's more reason to buy Canadian.

Now all furniture distributors are experiencing what it's like to try to make a go of it in Canada.

So, cheap OR quality? Which is best? You can't have both.

I have been in this industry for 20+ years and the number of Canadian furniture manufacturers have dwindled over that time. We're losing the middle-ground. There's either expensive or cheap. And it's tough to compete with the influx of cheap products from overseas, so many just throw in the towel.

My only hope is that there is a refocus on Canadian goods, which are certainly superior in quality, a lengthening of the life-span of our furnishings as we enjoy that better quality, resulting in a levelling off of prices and an increase in the number of jobs available to those who manufacture furniture in Canada. Unfortunately, there are few in our government who have the ability or willingness to look that far into the future.

Surely making investments in our homes and interiors means we stop disposing of large furnishings items - that these days can be purchased in the same place as fruits and vegetables and cost the same as some spend on a single purse or a cell phone - which in the long run, is better for the planet.

The investment you make in furniture is directly related to the lifespan of that product.

Until we are willing to acknowledge and do something about the connection between the demand for cheap products and our engorged landfills, we will continue the pendulum swing between the rights and needs of individuals for those goods and the greater good and what's best for the planet.

Choose wisely.


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